O firmie
Znaki drogowe Markab - podstawy pod znaki, znaki drogowe, oznakowanie dróg

Characteristic of our bases under temporary fences:

  • material: extremely durable PVC
  • weight: 20kg (optionaly 22kg)
  • dimensions: 690mm x 255mm x 135mm
  • fitting holes:square 60mm,
    4x podstawy pod znaki 43mm (option 4x podstawy pod znaki 45mm)
  • handles for easy moving by hand
There is a place on the top of the base to put inscription like logo, address, phone number or even advertising slogan.
Sufczyn, Kołbiel, tel: +48 25 752 74 93, oraz +48 602 538 225 , e-mail: info@markab.waw.pl

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